Urfin Maximus 70 cm

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Preorder for Urfin SD boys will start on August 17, 8 pm by London.

13 slots for Maximus and 13 slots for Arcane are available worldwide. I will be sending orders to the caster without waiting of filling all slots.

Urfin Arcane 55 cm height. Price $1100-1200 (afro).
Urfin Maximus 70 cm height. Price $1300-1450 (afro).

Both molds go with articulated hands in base. You can order additional faceplates and eyes.

I decided to refuse offering bodies and heads separately for the first run.

Manufacturing timing is 6-8 months. You will get glued, sanded, assembled doll with chosen eyes. Installment plan for 6 months is available. First payment should be 50% for Arcane and 30% for Maximus.


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