Terms of Service

Description of the doll

This designer jointed doll is a work of art and a handmade object.
There is an author’s brand of polyurethane inside the head. Each doll has a serial number, which is entered in the database and certificate.  The presence of a certificate is a guarantee of the authenticity of the doll.

The doll’s body consists of plastic parts assembled with elastic bands of various thicknesses.  The joints of the parts (hinges) are glued with hot glue in order to eliminate friction of the parts against each other.  Sticking of glue is allowed if the doll has not moved for a long time.

The hands, feet and face are detachable parts that are attached to the doll’s body using magnets.  To replace the face, you just need to carefully remove it, holding the doll by the back of the head and applying a little effort.

The feet and hands are attached to the body with magnets.  In order to remove a hand or foot, you must pull on it, holding the doll by the hinge.  In order to put on a brush or foot, it is necessary to position it in such a way that the poles of the magnets in the part and the hinge coincide, and simply put it on the magnet.  If the hand or foot is “pushed out” or flying off the hinge, then you need to turn them on the other side to the correct position.

All the magnets in the doll’s body are attached with cyanoacrylate glue, and held in place with a polymer that gives a very strong bond.  But sometimes the magnets can come off, this is extremely rare.  Removing the magnet is not a defect.  In case of peeling off the magnet, you can glue it yourself using any resistant glue.

When molding dolls, a special additive is included in the plastic, which makes the parts resistant to ultraviolet radiation and color fading.  However, the effect of this component does not apply to the doll’s coating.  The painting can “fade” when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, so you cannot leave the doll under the open sun for a long time.

The dolls are molded from high quality polyurethane, which has a high Shore hardness and is highly resistant to stretching and bending.  However, the smallest parts such as fingers, ears and thin parts of parts are the most vulnerable and can be damaged if the doll falls or other careless impact.

The doll is not intended to be played and should not be given to children.  This handmade designer doll is a “subject of admiration” and requires very careful handling.

Conditions for ordering and buying a doll

  1. The relations arising between the author and the buyer of the doll are subject to the norms of the civil legislation of the United Kingdom, namely the terms of the work contract (The Consumer Rights Act 2015), in accordance with which the author (contractor) is obliged to make a doll by the order of the client, and the client (customer) is obliged to pay for the work and accept the doll.
    When ordering a doll, the author and the client agree on all the essential conditions, the client fills out an order form, according to which the author makes the doll.

When ordering a doll, the author and the client agree on all the essential conditions, the client fills out an order form, according to which the author makes the doll.

After filling out the order form, it is IMPOSSIBLE to change it (i.e. change the choice of the face, the color of the doll is impossible)
Dolls of good quality cannot be exchanged or returned.

  1. Payment.
    There are several options for paying for the doll:

Full payment.

When placing an order, the client makes a 50% deposit, which the author distributes for the necessary materials and other costs associated with the order at his discretion.  The rest of the payments are made within 2 to 6 months from the date of order. Prepayment is non-refundable, as it goes towards paying for the production of your order. However, you can sell your slot to the other buyer. Be sure to notify me about this. The queue for paired promotional orders cannot be divided for transfer.

Payment is made by the client by transferring funds to the author’s bank details, which the latter provides in an e-mail or correspondence when placing an order.

  1. Manufacturing.
    All dolls are cast to order, production time is 3-6 months.  Full payment of the doll will not speed up the production of the doll.
    Grinding and assembly of the doll is also done in the foundry by a professional assembler.
  2. Claims.
    After receiving the doll, the client is obliged to personally inspect it carefully within one calendar day and confirm its proper condition and complete set.  If you find significant deficiencies, immediately inform the author about it and send photos.
    In the event of defects during operation, all costs associated with their elimination (if possible) are at the expense of the buyer.
    The period for eliminating any defect is calculated individually and has an approximate time frame.

The significant disadvantages of the doll include:

  • chips on parts, violation of the integrity of parts;
  • lack of parts specified in the order;
  • the color of the doll’s body that does not correspond to the order (meaning a different color of the skin tone palette);
  • bright spots and uneven color of the doll’s body;

In case of revealing significant defects of the doll, the author must eliminate them at his own expense.
The significant disadvantages of the doll DO NOT include:

  • the difference between the color of the doll’s body and the color of the same skin in photographs (colors can be perceived differently on the screens of digital devices, depending on the color rendering, as well as the lighting conditions during shooting);
  • small spots, small bubbles;
    -small scratches and print marks;
  • peeling off the magnet;
  • discharge of the glued material in the hinge;
  • sticking of the hinges when the doll is at rest.
  1. Service life.
    Under conditions of careful handling, the life of the doll is not limited.  The textile elastic on which the doll’s parts are stretched is a consumable material, and over time it can stretch and lose its elasticity.
  2. International disputes.

    These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.

  3. Delivery.
    The author is not responsible for the postage terms.  In case of loss of the parcel, the author is obliged to make and send a new doll to the client at his own expense.  The package with the doll is considered lost only if the mail has provided the author with an official letter stating that the package has been lost.  The legislation does not regulate the deadlines for postage for international messages, so the delivery time for the doll can range from several days to several months.  During the postage period, the client cannot make any claims to the author about the delay in delivery.
  4. Additional services
    Painting of faces, body, making wigs by the author to order is not carried out.  Usually, along with the main pre-order, several fullset dolls are produced with face and hand painting, clothes and a wig.
    Painting and make-up of the doll is performed by the author in a mixed technique using acrylic, oil, watercolors, soft and hard pastels, and fixed with persistent acrylic varnish.
    The lacquer coating of the doll is only protective against the wiping of paint from the doll’s body.  The painted surface of the doll’s body should not be exposed to friction and interaction with aggressive substances such as acetone, liquids containing acetone, alcohols and other solvents.  The painted doll can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in clean water.
    The fingertips of the hands are the thinnest and most vulnerable places where damage to the painted coating occurs first.  To avoid this, it is necessary to avoid rubbing the doll’s limbs against accessories, shoes, etc.  The painted doll must be placed on a soft surface, rubbing may also appear from interaction with a hard surface at the places of friction.
    Upon receipt of the doll, the client must carefully examine the doll and immediately inform the author in case of significant deficiencies.

The significant disadvantages of body painting include:

  • swelling of the varnish coating, discharge of the paint layer.

Significant disadvantages do not include:

  • scuffs of paint formed due to careless use of the doll, contact of painted parts with hard surfaces and aggressive chemicals

The service life of the painted surface is not limited and depends
only on the terms of use.
Wigs dyed in bright colors can stain objects in contact with them when wet.  The first time when combing out a wig, a small amount of hair may fall out, this is considered normal.
The service life of wigs is not limited and depends only on the conditions of use.

Accessories for the doll and mannequin are made by printing on a 3D printer.  Photopolymer and PETG plastic are not as strong as polyurethane, so accessories and thin parts of the mannequin are afraid of falling, rough impact, bending and friction.  The thinnest spots on accessories, such as the eyelets for the tape on the shoes, are the most vulnerable and require very careful handling.  The photopolymer is afraid of exposure to direct sunlight, light parts may turn yellow when exposed to ultraviolet light.  Do not leave accessories and mannequin in the open sun.  Heating is also contraindicated.

  1. Rules of conduct for the client in the presence of claims
    If significant defects of the doll and related products are found, the client is obliged, within one calendar day from the moment of receipt of the doll, to inform the author about these shortcomings by writing a letter to the author and attach photos or video of the shortcomings.
    In the complaint, the client must accurately list the shortcomings.  The client should NOT describe his emotions, reasoning, lamentations, stories and other unnecessary information.  This only takes up time and does not contribute to a quick resolution of a disputable situation.

By ordering a doll, you confirm that you are familiar with the description of the doll and agree to these terms of purchase.