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I’m glad to announce that pre-order of bone dragon Sentinel is open! It was inspired by dragons from few games – TES, Wow, Heros, Rappelz

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I’m glad to announce that pre-order of bone dragon Sentinel is open!

It was inspired by dragons from few games – TES, Wow, Heros, Rappelz.

Please, read this information.

I used polymer clay to hand sculpt the master model, then it was digitized and printed by the top 3D SLS printer Formigа.

Sentinel turned out to be 64 cm in length with a wingspan of 73 cm. 60 joints!

The final version is made of lightweight and ultra-durable polyamide (so is miraclesly weighs only ~250 grams), it is tightly assembled using bjd elastic without any hooks. The eyes (6 mm) and the “soul” of the dragon are created from a photopolymer and can be made in different colors: dark green, blue, burgundy, later other colours will be added (all versions are translucent).

All parts are covered with a UV-cut spray varnish for your request (for free) and can be toned to light brown color optionally.

Dragon can be blushed upon your request also.

Please, note, that if you ask me to put varnish without tone, i can not make tone after, if you will change your mind!

Order will be executed within 2-4 months.


!Half price is indicated in Set Options menu!


Base set 699$:

– Bone dragon Sentinel (white blank)

– Feet with solid fingers

– Eyes and soul (color at your choice)

– Box with a logo

– Certificate of authenticity

You can choose the options:

Base set + tone 729$,

Base set + blush 777$,

Base set + feet with jointed fingers 747$.

Base set + feet with jointed fingers + blush 827$. – FULL SET

Base set + feet with jointed fingers + tone 779$.

Also i have few options: feet with finger joints (50$ full price), additional eyes (5$ full price) and soul (20$ full price). Please, text me!


For ordering additional Feet, eyes and Soul please open same listing page again like new order!


Attention! If you want to choose a Blush to old bones, you do not need to choose option of Tone – it is already included in the Blush option)

I can make Eyes and Soul for you in three color options of a translucent photopolymer – blue, dark cherry, dark green. Please let me know what color you are interested in!

If you need installment payment, please text me

I am happy to send you work in progress photos of creating your dragon upon request 🙂 Feel free to ask any questions!


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