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Digital Phoenix’s Mannequin for creating clothes. Measurements of the shoulders is 12.5 cm (between measurements of the shoulders of both types of the body).

The mannequin contains removable head, two joints in arms and two joints in legs. Feet and hands can be fixed with hooks, or you can put rings on their place.

Use elastic rope about 2 mm thickness for stinging all parts together. Tie loops 1/2 long from the span of the arms and legs. Place the node in chest and pelvic, use wire to drag the loops through channels.

You can print it with FDM or LCD 3d printer.

If you choose LCD (photopolymer printing), please, make cavity in big details with the wall thickness about 4-5 mm.
Choose tough and durable photopolymer!

I suggest using PETG or PLA plastic of you choose FDM printing. 80-90% filling, wall thickness 3-4 mm. Notice, that hot plastic can shrink a little after cooling!

All files are fixed.

Polyurethane doll can be slightly smaller than original prototype. It’s fine if the printed stuff fits oversized a bit. But you can scale it in your slicer for minus 1,5% if you use your own home printer.


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