Kiddos Сollection – Boy

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Preorder date: June 1, 2024 8pm (BST)

Combined order for any two dolls: Discount – $100

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Kiddos combined preorder will be for both molds – the girl (32 cm) and the boy (34 cm).
The boy has two types of joints of his shoulders: Body type 1 has double joints in shoulders and body type 2 has a classic one-joint shoulder.
The girl has one type of the body. Her joints are perfectly balanced between good flexibility and visual aesthetics.

The girl has 2 faces up to your choice – Lili and Ruby, the boy has 3 faces – Tommy, Miles and Max. All faces have sleeping faceplate as an option.

4 skintones are available for both dolls. Two light and natural skin colours and two tans.
Dolls are casted from high-quality polyurethane and have a pleasant smooth surface. All skintones are dence, they are not pinkish or yellowish – the pallete shows them exactly as they are. Notice that colors can differ on different screens.

Hands and feet are assembled with hooks and can be easily taken off. I refused using magnetic sistems because the solid feet and hands have no any extra cuts, and they will never be lost.
Despite this, faceplates are assembled with magnets for comfortable changing and putting eyes.

My dolls are now glued with a flexible polyurethane resin. It makes the doll to move smoothly without sticking and holding all poses very well.

You can pick only one face for your doll + sleeping face if needed.

Prices: Boy / Body 1 – $1100–1300 (afro) Boy / Body 2 – $1000–1200 (afro) Girl – $1000–1300 (afro) Sleeping faceplate (any) – $200–300 (afro)
Combined order for any two dolls: Discount – 100 $

The first payment is 50% (PayPal and other methods are available) The installment plan is available for up to 6 months Production time is up to 6-10 months
You’ll get: Assembled and glued blank doll with eyes Certificate Carry bag

I do not offer makeup, blush, wigs, and other additional options, unfortunately. You can visit my List of artists to find needed services.


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